When we started Hunt Gather Grow Foundation, we wanted to be sure we weren’t just one more nonprofit in the growing real food space. And from the moment we had the idea for our new organization, we determined that every active member will have a voice. Members have a say in how we channel our energies as an educational nonprofit and members form an essential part of the checks and balances that will keep Hunt Gather Grow Foundation vibrant.

It is vitally important to our founders, and to our original members, that we stay transparent, that we steer clear of rigid ideology, and that we remain dedicated to the truth, wherever it leads us.

It’s called democratic governance.

It might well be more challenging to run the Foundation this way. But we firmly believe that in the long run, democratic governance will not only make us stronger and more relevant, but will allow us to engage a larger audience and make a real difference in our shared world.

If you’re hunting for an opportunity to gather accurate information about real food, and to grow with an exciting community of truth-seeking nonconformists, we invite you to join us!