An Exciting Announcement

The Hunt Gather Grow Foundation has merged with the venerable Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation.  

As you may know,  HGGF experienced significant challenges in the wake of the unexpected death of our founder, Dr. Ron Schmid, ND.  We believe Dr. Ron would have been proud for the organization he spearheaded to merge with PPNF, a foundation he supported for many years and which remains “THE place to find accurate information about the work of Weston A. Price, DDS, Francis Pottenger, MD, and other nutrition pioneers.” With the support of PPNF, we believe we can best fulfill the Hunt Gather Grow Foundation’s mission of “bringing real food communities together” through a dynamic chapter leader network, educational materials and conferences. 

The mission of the Hunt Gather Grow Foundation is to bring real food communities together. We believe that real food is foundational to health and healing throughout our lives, and are passionate about continuing to learn and grow while reaching out to others also hunting for nutritional wisdom.

The Foundation’s Chapter Leader program is intended to provide information, educational outreach, and resources for local communities. If you need to know how to locate real food in your area – for instance, pasture-raised meats, poultry, eggs, and dairy, or organically grown produce, or traditionally fermented foods – then our Chapter Leaders are ready to help! (If you’d like to send one of them an email, just click on their name and type away.)

Sarah Smith, our local chapter leader in New Mexico, coordinates the chapter leader program. If you’re interested in starting your own chapter, we invite you to get in touch with Sarah for more information.



Dave Rana     510-473-7262


Tim Haig     310-745-2391

San Diego

Annie Dru     619-846-4374

San Francisco

Joe Salama     415-948-9030 and Katy Haldiman     727-492-5936

Santa Cruz

Jean Harrah 831-761-3765

South Bay/Redondo Beach

Angie Karlan 310-540-6542


Ron Schmid (Emeritus)    203-577-8014


Josh Henson 765-480-6998  AND Lanae Peter 317-737-7949
North Carolina


Scott Gillentine 336-331-2430
New Jersey

Central New Jersey

Shannon Coffey 908-675-6736


Maria Tabone 646-306-0533
New Mexico

Las Cruces

Sarah Smith 575-373-1622


Steve Tallent 630-903-3567

North Texas

Nancy & Karl Falster 903-629-3034


Eric Garza 802-881-8675


Carol Osterman 360-941-1533
CANADA: Nova Scotia


Meg Mooring home: 902-254-3420 office: 902-254-3736 mobile: 902-297-9279
MEXICO: Guanajuato

San Miguel de Allende

Jorge Catalan +52 415-1510577