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Traditional diets

Weston A. Price, DDS; Sir Robert McCarrison; Thomas Cleave; Francis Pottenger, M.D.; Harvey W. Wiley, M.D.; and so many other scientists, researchers, and nutritional explorers have identified parameters of human nutrition – followed, in some cases, for many hundreds of years – and the ways in which diet influences health (positively and negatively). What does "traditional diet" mean to you you? Has following a traditional diet benefited you? What obstacles have you found challenging (and have you overcome them)? What questions do you have?


Carbon farming

Are you a fan of Allan Savory, Gabe Brown, Greg Judy, Joel Salatin, or other genius farmers, ranchers and educators? Do you follow any of the many bloggers, videographers, and other brilliant movers and shakers who are getting the word out about getting carbon (and methane and nitric oxide and the like) back into the soil. The tools: holistic grazing management; avoiding chemicals and inputs that degrade soil microbiology; a greater understanding of the ways we can cooperate with nature, like permaculture and biodynamic farming.



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