Basic membership


One-year membership in the Hunt Gather Grow Foundation.



One-year membership in the Hunt Gather Grow Foundation: $50 per person

When you become a member of the Hunt Gather Grow Foundation, you become part of the conversation!  Membership fees support the robust exchange of ideas, information, and inspiration by all those who believe that real food, raised sustainably on healthy soil, and prepared in ways that maximize both flavor and nutrition, is essential. So whether you are beginning your journey, or you are exploring paleo, primal, or traditional ways of eating, we’ll be glad to welcome you to the community!

You can enhance the reach of your membership if you also attend our annual conference, because members who attend have the right to vote for our board and other initiatives.

What’s included in your annual membership:

  • Our quarterly newsletter, delivered via email
  • Discounted tickets to our annual conference
  • Members-only access to moderated web forums on a variety of topics (including traditional and indigenous diets, soil and farming, ancestral health, nutrient-dense foods, and more)
  • More benefits (including coupons for products and services you may find of interest) will be added shortly, so stay tuned!